Here at W.o.M. Studio, we try to be fair to our clients. We offer studio time by the hour, by the block of hours and by the album. The following are the prices for services at Word of Mouth Recording Studio: 

Tracking / Mixing / Overdubbing

- $50 per hour

- Block rates @ $40 per hour for blocks of 10 hours at a time.

- Album rates are custom quoted after meeting with the engineer to discuss the project.

Rates *DO NOT* include recording media.

2" Tape is rented for $30 per reel, per month. Each reel holds roughly 15 minutes of 24 track audio.

Hard drives for digital recording can be rented from W.o.M. Recording Studio or purchased before the session. Please contact W.o.M Recording Studio for details before purchasing any storage media.

Booking time at W.o.M. Recording Studio is on a first come, first serve basis. Please see THIS PAGE for contact details.

All sessions must be accompanied by a deposit of $100 for each day booked. Recording Media must also be paid for at this time to ensure that we have everything on hand for your sessions.

Cancelations must be made no less than 72 hours before the date of the session. Failure to cancel within said time period will result in loss of deposit. We will be happy to credit your deposit towards your account so that another date can be booked, however, we are unable to refund. Cancelations made before the 72 hour time limit will be fully refunded.

No recorded material shall be released from W.o.M. Recording Studio until all payments are made in full.